Date published: 5/10/2020

       2020 marked the 6th year of the Clean Creek Fest (formerly called Clean Creek Revival). Current Problems and First Magnitude Brewing Company co-host this event in which volunteers either choose or are assigned to a creek location in Gainesville and descend on the site from 9 am- 12 pm removing trash, waste, debris, and invasives. We provide all cleanup supplies to the sites based on the need of the location and assist volunteers in bringing the collected waste to First Magnitude to weigh the collected waste and celebrate. As of March 12th, a whopping 400 volunteers had registered for 15 sites across the city. That week also marked the first week of confirmed cases in Florida and increased caution in the country regarding COVID19. We made changes to the event as details changed each day during the week and coordinated with First Magnitude Brewing. The celebration portion including tee shirts, food, and the music was canceled the day before the event, and volunteers were shifted to prioritize locations most in need. Despite all of this, 133 volunteers showed up eagerly and collected a total of 4280 pounds of waste, including 13 tires, 3.5 shopping carts, the remains of 4 bicycles, and one incredibly stubborn suitcase.


Clean Creek Fest secretary, Megan Black, pulling a suitcase out of a local Gainesville creek.



Date published: 12/20/2019

This year, we celebrated the 10th year of the Great Suwannee River Basin Cleanup. We coordinated and provided support for 12 individual cleanup events and 3 groups which held several events recurring throughout the months of September through November, 2019. A summary of the groups, locations, and volunteer contributions is below. In just that small period of time, we were able to collect 38,300 pounds of trash from the Suwannee River Basin which stretches across the Northwest region of Alachua County.

The Suwannee River Basin encompasses the Santa Fe River, whose watershed includes two Gainesville creeks: Blues Creek and Turkey Creek.  While most cleanup efforts during this event were focused outside city boundaries, the Santa Fe River and its watershed were high priority and a major focus of cleanup effort. All of this action culminated in a celebration at First Magnitude, including raffle prizes and games about waste to challenge perceptions about how long different kinds of waste can remain in the watershed and their respective “dangers”. For example, how tires can leach chemicals and oils into the groundwater, in addition to the rubber breaking down into smaller pieces over time. We held a competition to see if anyone could guess the final weight of waste pulled out of the watershed and raffled off prizes donated by local shops and artists.