Education & Outreach

We believe one of the most important aspects of environmental stewardship is educating our community on important issues specific to out area. We work with a variety of other NGOs, after-school programs, and summer camps to teach children the importance of keeping our water clean and litter free.


Cultivating an interest

At Current Problems, we believe the biggest impact we can make is on the children of our community. We teach them how our creeks and rivers are linked to our drinking water and how they can better care for our environment through simple, day-to-day actions.


engaging young minds

We take children on walks through the woods, teaching them about plants and animals along the way. We show them how plants and animals can be impacted negatively by litter in our waterways. For many children, this is a new and enlightening experience.


Encouraging CURIOSITY

When we work with children, we encourage them to ask questions and in turn, we ask them thought-provoking questions about their experiences on cleanup events. This type of work is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do as an organization.


If you have a group that is interested in working with us in any capacity, please contact us! We are always looking for new ways to reach our community.