Building Community

At Current Problems, we feel that some of the most important work we can do is educating our local community about ongoing water resource issues in our area. We work with numerous local NGOs, summer camps, after-school programs, and a variety of other groups to teach children how to be better stewards of the environment.


Inspiring minds

When we work with groups of children or teens, we teach them why it is important to care about our local water resources. We show them how they can have on their own environment by being conscious of their own footprints.


Creating curiosity

We teach groups how our surface water is related to our drinking water, and how native flora and fauna use surface water as well. Those that we work with are often surprised to see animal tracks in urban areas.


Active learning

We encourage critical thinking by asking thought provoking questions about our local waterways. Our groups take away valuable information regarding the local environment by the end of these events.


If you have a local group in Gainesville or North Florida that would like to schedule an event, please contact us today!