Adopt-A-River is Current Problems' main program. We focus on addressing the visible contaminants in waterways by removing human trash and invasive plant species that are established along local waterways.


This program works with businesses, schools, and neighborhoods to adopt and plant stormwater ponds for the purpose of improving water quality and biodiversity. Stormwater ponds contain runoff from surrounding roads, yards, and other impermeable surface areas and often contain contaminants. Planting native vegetation can help to remove some of these contaminants before the water infiltrates back into the aquifer.


Restore-a-shore is a program that focuses on the invisible contaminants by preserving and re-vegetating shorelines of waterways. Shoreline restoration is incredibly important to prevent erosion that can occur due to a variety of factors. Urban streams are often straightened at particular sections, which can increase downstream erosion. Additionally, human usage of urban creeks can reduce vegetation on shorelines. Erosion causes sediment deposition downstream, which increases the chances of flooding and disrupts the natural flow of a waterway. Some level of erosion is natural, but is typically much slower and less harmful than human-induced erosion.