cultivating CURIOSITY

At Current Problems, we believe some of the most important work that we can do is with the children in our community. We strive to teach and engage young minds in an effort to influence the next generations to be excellent stewards of the environment. We teach them how they can have an impact on our water quality, and how they influence our surface water in their day-to-day lives.

Building bridges

We find that a lot of children do not have extensive experience in nature. We like to build a connection between those in our community and the natural world. When possible, we show children how animals and plants utilize the surface water and how litter can encourage bacterial growth than can inhibit the health of the water, and how the water health impacts plants and animals.


Encouraging volunteerism

It’s not all work at these cleanups. We are huge advocates for praising children for their help during events, often offering prizes for different categories (who can collect the most trash by weight, the most interesting object found, or any other fun category we can think of).

Engaging interest

When we work with kids, we encourage them to ask questions about their environment. As time goes on, they begin to notice more and more intricacies that may have been overlooked before. This type of awareness is so important - where one may have just seen a ditch full of trash before, they now see aquatic vegetation and other biota that live there.