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To restore and protect the wetlands & waterways of  Florida for the wellbeing of wildlife and community through watershed cleanups and water quality outreach and education programs.


SINCE 1993

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​​Founded in 1993, Current Problems started as a small group of friends cleaning the Santa Fe River and has evolved into the only freshwater debris specialized removal nonprofit in the Southeast, leading the region in programming outcomes reducing marine debris and communicating conservation practices to upriver systems.

Over 30 years, our dedicated volunteers have removed a million pounds of waste from creeks, rivers, ponds, sinkholes, lakes, and coastal systems across North Florida. We fully equip and lead the cleanups, and coordinate proper disposal and removal of waste boasting a 63% recycle/ reuse rate. Our outreach efforts communicate to locals how to be stewards of their land and water basins, caring for our neighbors downstream, both human and nonhuman. We seek to reduce pollution at its source and use our meticulous hand sorted, hand weighed cleanup data to track the movement of trash throughout our waterways- promoting data- driven solutions from the local level all the way up to watershed and state level. We believe that Floridians can be leaders in the global fight against marine pollution. Join our efforts to preserve Florida’s waterways from the streams to the shorelines for a future of clean water for all.

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