Cleaning Florida's waterways and natural lands since 1993


Prior to her role as Executive Director of Current Problems, Nicole was on staff at Alachua Conservation Trust after completing their Women in the Woods program. She also served as a Grades of Green educator, supporting public schools throughout the US in environmental program development and implementation. She has also worked with the GTM National Estuarine Research Reserve, the St. Johns Riverkeeper, the Florida State Park Service, and the St. Johns River Water Management District. In 2016, Nicole was the Marine Science Educator at the Smithsonian Marine Station in Ft. Pierce, FL.

Executive Director: Nicole Llinas

Throughout the course of her career, Nicole has focused on research and education initiatives at the intersection of restoration, ecology, and human interaction with the environment. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the League of Environmental Educators in Florida and previously served on the Communications Task Force for the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation. 


A lifelong Floridian, Nicole studied Coastal Biology and Philosophy at the University of North Florida, specializing in watershed ecosystem management. Her undergraduate thesis project measured the health of marsh grass used in shoreline restoration and was an award recipient at the Florida Lake Management Society symposium.

Nicole is passionate about integrating scientific endeavors into local communities and reconnecting citizens with their shared land and natural resources.

President: Dan Rountree

Dan has been with Current Problems since the very beginning. He is a dedicated steward of the environment, involving himself in a variety of cleanup and educational events around North Florida. Dan is a talented artist and often incorporates his love of nature into his personal artwork.

Vice President: Sue Hart

Sue has volunteered with Current Problems, since its beginning in the early 1990s, focusing primarily on nearby waterways - rivers and springs in an effort to clean up and bring awareness to trash, litter and garbage dumped, causing pollution to the drinking water.  They picked up tons of trash, sorted, and recycled as much as possible.  This grassroots organization is making a difference, involving our community in efforts to preserve and protect our water supplies. Sue is passionate about the mission and grateful to the many volunteers who support this cause.

Treasurer: Barb Gibbs

Barbara Gibbs is a founding board member of Current Problems.  Besides being concerned about water quality issues, she enjoys kayaking on North Florida rivers and springs and is an avid photographer.

Mike Byerly

Mike Byerly has served on our board for many years. His love of nature is reflected in many ways. He studied Zoology and Ecology, serves on several environmental non-profit boards, and can often be found kayaking. hiking, or photographing nature.

Ruth Steiner

Ruth Steiner is a Professor and Director of the Center for Health and the Built Environment. Her research focuses on planning for sustainable communities, especially for transportation.  Since 1980 she had been an enthusiastic recycler and composter. She routinely picks up trash when she goes for walks in her neighborhood.

Tom Ward

Tom has been with Current Problems for many years, and served as treasurer for many of them. He is an avid cyclist and environmentalist, splitting his time between Gainesville and the mountains of North Carolina.

Interested in Joining our Board of Directors?

Current Problems is currently seeking Board members! Please contact cleanup@currentproblems.org if you are interested in joining our team!