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Volunteers are critical to our mission. All volunteers of all ages and abilities are welcome to all Current Problems Volunteer Opportunities. 

 Administrative Volunteers:

If you are interested in helping Current Problems, but don't want to join a cleanup, there are plenty of other ways to be involved in our education programming, grant-writing and fundraising, and nonprofit administrative tasks. 

Cleanup Volunteers:

No need to register, if you see a cleanup event upcoming, just show up with friends and water! 

If interested, please contact us at


Social Media & Communications Internship:

This internship is intended for college students interested in social media and communications for nonprofits. Interest in environmentalism is a must. Experience with Instagram, TikTok, and Canva preferred. BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ to the front!

Programming Internship: 

This internship is a better fit for a student interested in helping develop and lead nonprofit programming including waterway cleanups, invasives removal, education programming for kids and adults, and nonprofit administrative duties. 

Current Problems offers two internships each semester. Both are paid positions. If interested, please contact us at



Current Problems was founded by artists and has deep ties to the local art community. We are always in need of photography, videography, graphic design, illustration, sculpture work, fabrication and repurposing the trash we recover from waterways. This is especially important, as we work to keep our cleanups Zero Waste and reduce the 

We compensate artists for their work.

If interested, please contact us at

Fishing Lure 

Aretes de Arte is a jewelry designer based in Denver. CO

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